Watch Details


The watshout connected sports watch is a wearable device designed for active people allowing them to leave their phone behind without compromising safety and keeping all the features athletes love such as music and workout tracking. It supports accurate live location tracking that can be shared with friends to other watshout watches, watshout mobile phone app or the web app while still having battery life for up to 20 hours of continuous tracking and music playback using bluetooth headphones. 



The watch will have buttons for everything the athlete needs during activities, and a touch display for general navigation. 

Wireless headphones don't have the standard music buttons, this watch has built in music buttons.



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This watch allows for a full day (up to 20 hours) of continuous live location tracking and sharing.

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Stay safe during your workouts with ride sharing, messaging, and NFC payment capabilities.

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Music will be played on sports headphones connected via Bluetooth. 


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