Runners market

There are 17 million runners in the US who run a 5K or longer every year. Out of those; 2 million ran a half marathon and another half million ran a full marathon; making up the core runners and the target market for WatShout. 

Source: Running USA National Runner Survey 2015/2016

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Runners demographics

63 % of runners are females with an age of 39.8. The average age for male runners is 44.6. 63.3% of females runners are married while married male runners account for 74.5%. Females tend to run for a wider variety of reasons than men, including to improve their state of mind, socialize, relieve stress, and achieve a specific goal, which mainly is to stay healthy.  Females run with their cell phones more and use their phone for more running related activities. 

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Runners are highly educated and use technology

74.9% of runners have a 4 year university bachelor degree or higher. They bring their cell phones (61%), sports watch (52%) and GPS items (52%) on on their runs. Smartphones are used for a variety of running-related activities, most often social networking, running apps, music, GPS, and race results. Women more so than men are socially connected online. 59% of all runners use their phone for playing music while only 2% use a smartwatch for the same feature. 43% of runners use their phone for workout tracking which is tied with runners who use a sports watch for workout tracking.  

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Runners have high disposable income

72.2% of runners have an annual disposable income above $75,000 while 53.9% makes above $100,000 annually. 75% of runners travel for an overnight running event every year and spend on average $587 on this trip, and 26% of runners travel international for running events. They purchase on average 3 pairs of running shoes from a specialized running store for an average price of $101 per pair and purchased $247 worth of running apparel during the last 12 months.